A wonderfully light and creamy organic British brie that we’re particularly proud of, Darling Howe has the pristine white rind and classic nutty flavour which surrounds a delightfully delicate, buttery soft cheese with distinctive citrus notes balancing the natural sweetness.

A young cheese that is ready to eat around three weeks from milking, the subtle flavour of Darling Howe reflects the seasons and what our cows are eating in the pasture.

As you would expect, this award-winning cheese is a natural product in which the flavour and texture will develop over just a few days – either enjoy fresh or leave a while, whichever you prefer.

Darling Howe and is a great addition to any cheeseboard or for spreading on warm crusty bread, and a delicious companion when accompanying stronger flavours such as cured meats, olives and antipasti.

About this cheese

INGREDIENTS. Organic milk, rennet, cheese culture, salt

MILK.  Single herd pasturised organic cow’s milk

BREED.  Jersey, Friesian

SOURCE.  Park House Farm, Torpenhow, Cumbria

MATURITY.  approx 3-weeks from milking

CHEESEMAKERS.  Rachel Harrison, Jenny Lee

SIZES (TRADE).  230gsm and 1.2kg wheel