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Delicious Cumbrian Cheeses direct to your door from our organic family farm

As we are seasonal cheesemakers, some of our cheeses won’t be available until our cows are milking again in February.  Until then our 8 month aged Park House Cheddar, Oak smoked cheddar and a limited supply of Torpenhow Blue is still available.

Here at The Torpenhow Cheese Company, we turn the rich free-range milk from our lovely cows, into delicious creamy deep flavoured cheeses.

Our Organic family farm is located on the edge of the Northern Fells in Cumbria. Our cows graze outside for over 300 days a year on a pasture rich with grasses, herbs and legumes, giving the cheeses a unique and changing flavour through the year.

Established in 2019, we currently offer three tasty cheeses to tickle your tastebuds; Park House Cheddar,  Torpenhow Brie and Torpenhow Blue.