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‘Regenerative Rancher’ Greg Judy Interview with Jen & Mark

As covered in one of our previous news articles, back in June we were invited to make a presentation at the brilliant inaugural Carbon Calling event organised by Liz Genever and held at Sleastonhow Farm, Kirkby Thore, here in Cumbria.

Along with a programme of insightful talks by some of the country’s foremost regenerative farmers, we were thrilled to meet a man who has been an inspiration to us, Greg Judy.

Greg has also grown an incredible 95,000 followers on his ‘Regenerative Rancher’ YouTube channel, and we were honoured that he asked if he could film a short interview with us.

The video, title ‘A dynamic couple from England that changed the way they dairy into a huge success’ now appears on the Regenerative Rancher channel and in under two weeks has been viewed nearly 6,000 times!

Yes, we’re blushing just a little about our brush with fame on Greg’s channel but also at some of the wonderful comments kindly left by viewers.

You can watch the video of the interview with Greg here: